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Antisocial behaviour

Dealing with Anti-social behaviour as a private landlord or agent can be stressful, time consuming and often costly. Low level antisocial behaviour such as smoking cannabis, noise nuisance or incorrect disposal of rubbish can be tricky to manage and eradicate. Higher level anti-social behaviour such as harassment, abuse or using the property for elicit purposes can destroy lives and livelihoods.


This course is explains the law on this emotive topic and provides examples of how best to protect yourself and your property from ASB.


Course content

  • How to identify Anti-Social Behaviour including the legal definitions and the law
  • How to prevent ASB by sound referencing, a strong tenancy agreement and anticipating problems
  • Non-legal remedies for dealing with ASB including negotiation, mediation and gathering evidence
  • Support available to victims
  • Legal Remedies for dealing with ASB including S21, S8 grounds 14 and 7a and Injunctions to Prevent Nuisance and Annoyance (IPNAs)



This course aims to provide landlords and agents with the knowledge of ASB and the surrounding issues so that they can effectively manage their tenancies.


This course is designed for people interested in becoming a Landlord and would like to find out more about the private rented sector. It is also suitable for new Landlords and 'accidental' landlords who need to understand the fundamentals of their responsibilities and obligations in more depth.

This course helps you to decide whether being a Landlord is for you before making the commitment and investment. You will explore the key areas you need to be prepared for before deciding to embark on your journey as a Landlord. We look at what you need to consider prior to buying property, how to calculate your income and how to ensure you make a sound investment.

For new Landlords and accidental Landlords i.e. you've acquired a property you cannot or do not want to sell and therefore need to let out, this course will be of benefit for you too. You will gain vital knowledge on the legal requirements and obligations to ensure you comply with the many regulations imposed on Landlords.

With Landlords being vulnerable to heavy penalties for non-compliance it is vital that you fully understand the law and how to follow it. Share best practice which can help Landlords understand how to work most efficiently and effectively; a useful tool when starting out in the industry.

Established in 2017  online

This course is broken down in to 2 sections; pre-action protocols and county court small claims. Both sections have informal check your knowledge quiz at the end in order for you to consolidate your learning. There is no pass or fail element of this course but you do need to complete both sections in order to download your certificate. It is aimed at the self-managing landlord and is for personal use only. The contents of this course should not be used and nor are they designed for commercial enterprise.

The next section is a short introduction to the RLA Online Training Academy and how to get the most out of this online course. 

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Established in 2016

Established in 2016 online

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